Dec 30, 2020

Overhead Crane Technician

  • CRS CraneSystems, Inc.
  • Calgary, AB, Canada
Full time Installation-Maint-Repair

Job Description

CRS CraneSystems Inc, located in Mississauga, Ontario , requires the services of 2 overhead crane technicians.  The full time (40 hours per week) and permanent appointed overhead crane technician will be required to complete the following duties:

Electrical Duties

·       Panel wiring of crane equipment.

·       Wiring of remote systems.

·       Electrical servicing of lifting equipment.

·       Read and interpret drawings, blueprints, schematics and electrical code specifications to determine layout of industrial electrical equipment that forms part of overhead cranes.

·       Install, examine, replace or repair electrical wiring, receptacles, switch boxes, conduits and feeders that form parts of overhead cranes.

·       Test electrical components that form parts of overhead cranes for continuity, current, voltage and resistance. 

·       Maintain, repair, install and test switchgears, transformers, switchboard meters and regulators that form parts of overhead cranes.

·       Maintain, repair, test and install electrical motors, electrical control systems that form parts of overhead cranes.

·       Troubleshoot, maintain and repair industrial, electrical and electronic control systems, and other related devices that form parts of overhead cranes.

·       Conduct electrical preventative maintenance programs and keep maintenance records.

Mechanical Duties

·       Mechanical servicing of lifting equipment which includes the inspection of gearboxes and oil levels, measuring of long travel and cross travel wheels for wear, greasing of open gears and grease points, inspection of load ropes for basic wear or tightness.

·       Mechanical troubleshooting and repairing of lifting equipment, which involves basic rigging of solid weights onto load hooks.  The knowledge of the operation of electronic load cells is essential.

·       Installation and commissioning of new cranes and supply systems.

·       Overhauling of long travel, cross travel and hoist gearboxes.

·       Calibration of load cells and load limiters

·       Reading blueprints of cranes

·       Inspecting overhead cranes for malfunctions and incorrect operations.

·       Assemble and install new overhead cranes.



Applicant must have:

·       At least 10,000 hours experience in maintenance of overhead cranes as required by Canada Standards Authority B167-96, par 6.1.

·       A qualified red seal electrician from any jurisdiction.

·       Language at work place is English

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