Nov 23, 2021

Transport mechanic/apprentice

  • Apex Forklift And Transport Repair Inc.
  • Burnaby, BC, Canada
No Vaccination Mandate Transportation

Job Description


Repair, adjust and overhaul a wide variety of diesel and gasoline engines in transportation vehicles and dock equipment.

Comply with all company policies, local work and safety rules, as well as federal, state, and local regulations that govern the industry. Perform the required paperwork and/or computer records accordingly.

Inspect, repair, replace and modify components of engines including drive lines, transmissions, brake systems, clutches, and steering assemblies.

Repair or replace ignition parts, diesel injectors and carburetors. Replace faulty parts including wheel bearings, shock absorbers, oil seals, emission systems, exhaust systems, generators, distributors, lights and switches.

Perform routine servicing, lubricating, and greasing of vehicles.

Perform electronic diagnostics and troubleshoot electrical systems; repair and replace faulty components including wiring.

Use welding equipment to fabricate, rebuild and strengthen various equipment parts.

Determine serviceability and replacement needs for vehicles and equipment.

Maintain an inventory of fluids, parts, and equipment, and perform some physical plant maintenance.

Remove, repair, and mount tires and maintain the tire inventory.

Perform pre-trip equipment inspections, including ensuring that permits are valid and units are clean and fueled.

Participate in training programs; maintain and update safety skills and knowledge; keep current with hazardous material training requirements.


The Mechanic will perform skilled repair and maintenance of transportation vehicles and dock equipment; inspect motorized and mechanical equipment; maintain inventory; and diagnose problems and determine the extent of necessary repairs


Environmental working conditions vary and employee may encounter vibration, noise, odors, and extremes in temperature and wind as well as exposure to varied weather, varied surfaces, sharp edges, varied lighting and confined and congested areas and occasional exposure to petroleum-based products such as gasoline, diesel fuel, oil, grease, dust, fumes, and chemicals.


The position requires the ability to sit, stand, walk, and maintain balance for extensive periods of time. The ability to frequently lift up to 58 lbs from floor to above the shoulder and horizontally, and carry objects up to 50 feet. Occasionally lift up to 80 lbs. Seldomly lift up to 100 lbs. Ability to push/pull up to 128 lbs for extensive periods of time. Ability to perform repetitive tasks; stretch, turn, twist, and reach overhead; bend, crouch, squat, kneel and stoop for extensive periods of time.

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