Burgundy Diamond Mines

Burgundy Diamond Mines is a premier global diamond company that proudly produces and delivers ethically sourced diamonds from mine to market. Tracing diamonds end-to-end from its world-renowned Ekati Diamond Mine in Canada’s Northwest Territories, right through to retail diamond sales, creates unquestionable diamond origin and traceability.

Founded in Perth, Western Australia, Burgundy has established itself in the market through its innovative strategy and unique vertically integrated business model, focused on capturing margins along the full value chain of the diamond market. Burgundy is part of CanadaMark™, a program that assures manufacturers, retailers and customers, that Burgundy Diamonds are sustainably produced and support ethical investment in Canadian Northern Indigenous communities.

Burgundy has an office and a cutting and polishing facility in Perth, Australia, an office in Calgary, Canada and a diamond sales office in Antwerp, Belgium.