Halton Hoisting Ltd
  • Oakville, ON, Canada

Halton Hoisting Ltd: Construction Elevator Service & Rentals in Ontario

Wherever you are in southern Ontario, Halton Hoisting Ltd is your source for construction elevators. Based in Oakville and serving Ontario from Windsor to Ottawa, Halton Hoisting Ltd has been servicing, installing and renting construction elevators for over 10 years.

Nov 24, 2022  
Halton Hoisting is a construction elevator company, based out of Burlington. We provide material elevators for low and high-rise buildings. This is a dynamic position within the construction industry, providing an opportunity to enter a licensed, well-paid mechanic's trade. We are looking for talented tools-persons with experience working in crews on construction sites. Installing, servicing and dismantling construction hoists. Rigging and hoisting machinery Using power and hand-held tools efficiently Testing power in electrical panel Inspecting rigging gear and safety equipment Perform routine maintenance of hoist Excellent detail to measure, inspect and complete tasks Must be comfortable working at heights and outdoors Ability to focus in a busy environment while securing equipment Pride in organizing, cleaning and maintaining tools and equipment Excellent communication and team relationships are needed to complete the job...
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