Town of Oakville
Jan 20, 2023  
$35.35 - $37.76 hourly
Job Responsibilities: Performs scheduled Inspections, Preventive Maintenance, Repairs, Rebuilds, Tracing and Analysis, Adjustments, etc. on (but not limited to) vehicles, on and off-road equipment, automotive, industrial, agricultural, small tools and equipment, and their related components and systems Data search, diagnoses and repair of all vehicle systems including electrical, emission, transmission, engine, brakes, steering, suspension, hydraulic, pneumatic, and water systems Typical systems worked on include: Brakes - air, hydraulic, disc and drum.  Engines - gas, diesel, propane.  Drive Trains - standard and automatic transmissions with or without PTO, hydrostatic, axles, differentials, gearboxes, and clutches. Systems - Includes pneumatic, hydraulic, water, electrical. There are also welding and metal repair and some fabrication requirements; Records entries of activities including work orders, inspection sheets etc. and material usage; Provides...
Town of Oakville Oakville, ON, Canada Vaccination Required