4 Star Electric

Founded in 1989 by John & Irene Vannus, the team at 4-Star Electric has been setting themselves apart as Calgary’s best electricians ever since. From the beginning, John knew that he wanted to build a business his young sons could be proud of.

4-Star Electric was born in the late 1980s. John was working far up north and no longer wanted to be away from his wife and 4 young sons. He was confident he could create a truly excellent business that would allow him to provide for his family and serve Calgary with exceptional electrical service.

As a result, 4-Star Electric was founded out of the Vannus’ family home. John provided the electrical service while Irene acted as a part-time bookkeeper while still working another job – raising 4 young boys!

The family aspect of 4-Star Electric weaves through every part of this company, including its name. The “4 stars” are John and Irene’s sons, Denny, Dustin, Denver, and Dallas, two of whom are now thoroughly involved in the company’s operations.

It has always been John’s goal to provide Calgarians with the highest quality work and the friendliest customer service possible. Since 1989, their tenacity and dedication have expanded upon 4-Star’s humble beginnings, turning into a thriving business.

Despite our growth, we still cultivate the same welcoming, family-friendly culture our clients love. John’s philosophy is that you accomplish the best work alongside people you respect and care about. Each team member becomes family, and we expect them to conduct themselves with courtesy and kindness towards each other and our clients every time they put on the uniform.

Our clients become our family, too, as the driving force behind our operation is linked to John’s aptitude for service and his vision of improving people’s lives. As a result, the 4-Star Electric team interacts with every client with a service-focussed, caring approach.

Together, the Vannus family and 4-Star Electric aim to take care of our clients’ electrical needs with a smile. We are confident that our electricians will provide you with the solutions you need, so let the 4-Star team give you a great experience from your very first phone call and for years to come.