Quantum Passivhaus

Quantum Passivhaus is a Passive House design, prefabricate, and build company in Minden, Ontario, serving Ontario. We are the first and only prefab builder in Canada with 4 Passive House Institute Passive House Certified wall panels. We have an in house architectural design and engineering team who can start a unique design for you or alter one of our ready made options. Quantum's mission is to fulfill our clients’ need for comfortable, financially, and ecologically smart homes and properties that meet their lifestyle. Our prefabricated panels come with 3rd party certified performance values and they arrive on site fully air and water tight, and insulated protecting your investment from the moment they leave our facility. For the Quantum team, it is absolutely crucial that we operate with real clarity on what’s most important as each of us makes decisions. Being a part of the Quantum team means that you are 100% committed to our purpose and values.