The Teal-Jones Group

Who we are
Teal-Jones is a multi-generational family company that cares deeply about sustainable forestry practices. Quality products and sustainable practices are our primary commitments.

Our Commitment
The Teal-Jones Group is the largest privately owned timber harvesting and primary lumber product manufacturing company in British Columbia. And that’s not all: we go above and beyond provincial and federal sustainability legislation.

Equitable Community Growth
Teal Jones takes great pride in our long history of co-management with First Nations and Indigenous Groups in British Columbia. We acknowledge the ancestral territories of all First Nations on which we operate and are committed to the implementation of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) and Reconciliation. Teal Jones has a history that includes productive working relationships with 106 First Nations in B.C. Each relationship we form reflects the distinct interests of the individual First Nation.

We believe that it is of paramount importance to work closely with our Indigenous partners to ensure your Nations’ success as well as our own. Economic and social wellbeing are our goals.

Our Collective Process – Planning
Teal Jones is proud of our in-house forestry professionals’ ability to build a solid stewardship based, professional approach to Indigenous forestry needs. We understand that First Nations are the stewards of your land and water for time immemorial, and as such, we build forestry stewardship plans that are based on your Indigenous historical knowledge and cultural requirements.