Cobalt Industries Ltd

About Cobalt

The mission of Cobalt Industries Ltd. is to provide high-calibre welding and fabrication solutions for a variety of manufacturing, food and agriculture industries, as well as to maintenance and repair departments and facilities. We are committed to offer clients with quality welding, consulting, training, inspection and engineering services.

Since 2011, Cobalt Industries Ltd. has expanded operations, including the completion of a new state-of-the-art shop in early 2012, and an expansion in 2015/16. This not only offers convenience to customers in communities surrounding Portage la Prairie, but also same-day or next-day parts and supply orders from nearby Winnipeg.

Cobalt Industries Ltd. has become one of the most diversified and customer-driven companies in the food processing maintenance sector. Among its myriad attributes, it provides safe, efficient and reliable mechanical repair services to the province of Manitoba and beyond. A full repair and fabrication facility supports the growing needs of the agricultural industry, as well other local businesses and individuals.

Cobalt Industries Ltd. has southern Manitoba’s welding, fabrication and repair needs covered. And whether walk-in steel sales, agricultural repairs or complex industrial projects, no job or client is too big or too small. Cobalt Industries Ltd. has the accreditations and quality assurance documents that give customers security in knowledge and the peace of mind that they are receiving a service or product that exceeds technical specification and personal expectations. Most of all, we stand behind our products and workmanship. Period.

Cobalt Industries Ltd.’s services include:


• Industrial Mechanical Services

• Rentals of Industrial Equipment

• Scaffolding (Tube & Clamp as well as Frame)

• Industrial Drive Roller Fabrication and Lagging)

• Stock a variety of Steel, Stainless Steel & Aluminum

• Industrial Sandblasting


• ASME Certified Pressure Welding

• CWB Certified Facility

• Custom Welding & Fabrication (Stainless, Aluminum & Mild Steel)

• Boiler Repair and Fabrication

• Portable Welding Rigs

• Specializing in Food-Grade Welding and Fabrication


• Machining (Lathes and Milling Machines)

• Metal Forming & Shearing (up to 1/2” x 12’ Capacity)