Pro Reefer and Mobile Truck Services Inc

Inspection & Maintenance

Our technicians can be onsite to perform pre-trip inspections and run routine maintenance and diagnostics tests to ensure the health and longevity of your entire fleet.

Reefer Repair

Whether in your yard or on the road, our technicians come to you to perform routine or emergency repairs on your Reefer or Heater.


Our technicians will top up your reefer/heater fuel pre-trip, so you do not have to worry about fueling stops. We will do this during any standard repair or maintenance routine, or pre-trip check, as an added benefit to you., Eldorado and Van Hool.


We can service any of your trailers on-site or on the road.

Fleet Management Reporting

All work performed gets logged in our proprietary fleet management system, which is securely accessible via our customer portal. With this system, we can help you better manage the health of your fleet.