Vancouver Island University
  • Nanaimo, BC, Canada
Feb 04, 2021
Prepare and present learning outcomes and activities in classroom and lab settings. Prepare and administer practical and theoretical exams and assignments. Provide early and on-going coaching and tutoring for students to maximize student success and retention. Respond to student issues. Evaluate and maintain student records. Seek student feedback and provide effective and relevant instruction. Maintain contact with industries, accrediting organizations and other related programs. Improve instructional quality through professional development and activities. Participate in course and program reviews. Provide support to curriculum development. May be required to supervise student practicums. Curricular components may include, but are not limited to the following: PENG 100: Intro to Power Engineering/Boiler Designs/Codes PENG 101: Math/Applied Mechanics PENG 102: Thermodynamic Water Treatment PENG 103: Safety & Environment PENG 104: Piping, Welding, Sketching PENG 105: Prime...
Vancouver Island University Nanaimo, BC, Canada Full time