SELECT Sawmill Co.
  • Plantagenet, ON, Canada

Our goal is to provide solutions to small to mid-sized businesses for achieving a profitable yet affordable commercial sawmill operation.

We have been manufacturing high production sawmils and machinery in Canada since 1997 and sell throughout Canada, USAMexico and Australia as well as many countries in Africa, Europe, South America and Asia.

Our high quality equipment is designed for a commercial operation which includes our double-cut band sawmills with fully hydraulic log handling and automation for optimum speed, accuracy and precision. The mills can be operated with a minimum of employees and maintain a high cutting speed up to 3 ft per second depending on the application.

Outstanding features on our mills include large band wheels, extremely rigid frame and high powered engines which allow for handling logs up to 42”x 22’ in a variety of wood types, including those high in density such as Canadian frozen maple and tropical hardwoods.

To help sawmills grow their business, we also produce a full range of accessory of equipment such as a modular style debarker, heavy-duty edger, transfer decks, conveyors, trim saws and chop saws.

Consistent with our company values, we provide service to all our customers that is friendly, courteous and action-oriented.

Feb 03, 2021
Required to work in a sawmill and equipment manufacturing shop to assemble, install and test hydraulic systems and mechanical components. DESCRIPTION OF RESPONSIBILITIES AND TASKS Electrical assembly - Assemble and wire electric panels using electrical schematic - Wire solenoids, trailer lights, trailer brakes - Wire engines with necessary electronics such as battery, kill switch, remote start Hydraulic assembly -  Crimp and install hydraulic hoses according to specification - Install various hydraulic components such as motors, pumps, solenoids, relief valves, etc. - Adjust different pressures according to specification - Troubleshoot hydraulic system on older machines - Calculate pressures needed for specific cylinders to output a certain amount of force - Install pneumatic components, such as: cylinders, solenoids etc. General Mechanical assembly - Install gas or diesel engines on machines; install fuel system (filter, fuel...
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