InLine Ovals

Inline Ovals is a world leader in the manufacture and wholesale supply of oval picture framesround picture framesconvex glass, shadowboxes, and other specialty picture framing products. We ship oval framesround frames and other specialty framing products across North America from warehouses located both in the USA, and in Canada. We supply custom frame shops, photographers, gift shops, floral preservationists, designers, the hospitality sector, and anyone else who uses oval picture framesround picture framesrectangle frames or other specialty framing products.

We specialize in bending convex glass to fit any size of our oval picture frames or round picture frames, as well as antique shapes and sizes.

Jan 29, 2021
The Plant Operations Manager oversees the manufacture and distribution of oval and round wooden picture frames, framed mirrors, specialty glass and related products. InLine Ovals is a growing family-owned company in Magrath established in 1986 and is a world leader in the production and distribution of oval and round picture frames. To learn more about our company visit our web site at  What does the Plant Operations Manager do? Develop and lead a team of 40+ in wood manufacturing, high end finishing, shipping, and logistics. Hire, train, and provide direct leadership and support to department managers. Oversee maintenance, cleanliness, safety, repairs and upgrades for buildings, equipment, and vehicles. Develop and maintain procedures and standards to ensure efficient and safe operations. Develop new products, improved manufacturing processes and methods Oversee Vendor relations, Purchasing and Inventory management - including...
InLine Ovals Magrath, AB, Canada Full time