CB Supplies

CB Supplies – a Manufacturer and a Master Distributor

CB Supplies has two arms; one as a manufacturer and the other as a master distributor.  As a manufacturer, we are committed to making the highest quality, most dependable products for the plumbing and heating industry.

At CB Supplies, we manufacture:

  • potable PEX pipe for plumbing systems
  • radiant PEX for in-floor heating and snow melt systems
  • water service and geothermal pipe
  • coated copper coils – Gas Guard and Petro Guard
  • poly-alloy PEX insert fittings
  • potable and radiant PERT pipe

We take great pride in our products and our manufacturing capabilities. All of our products are tested to the highest standards, both internally and to meet all applicable third-party certifications. This ensures that our customers can feel confident that our products will pass the most important test: the test of time.

As a Master Distributor, we offer a vast array of products to complement our manufactured items, spanning across the plumbing and heating, HVACR, pump and waterwell, pool and spa, and filtration and irrigation markets. This expansive selection allows wholesalers to bundle many different products together on one order, greatly reducing the costs they can incur.

We constantly review our product mix. We are on top of the trends and ahead of the curve.


With four dedicated branches across Canada (Surrey BC, Calgary AB, Mississauga ON and Laval QC), we maintain exceptional, local service across the country. In the United States, our plumbing and radiant pipe and fittings offering is available through our sister company, American Granby (near Syracuse NY), and through several stocking distributors.